"Bespoke Fitted Interiors is a small, friendly, customer motivated business in Buckinghamshire that specialises in building bespoke fitted furniture of the highest quality using the finest natural woods and other materials. When commissioned to produce fitted furniture for you, we treat this as a special privilege. As craftsmen we follow a craftsman's ethics; so know that every piece of furniture that we build to your specifications will not just be unique to you - but it will also be a personal statement of the craftsman who has painstakingly created it. Our aim is to produce stunning fitted furniture that will give you unrivalled enjoyment - furniture that will last you years and years!

Before a Rolls Royce evolves from the production line, it is customary for the craftsman who cast the inspirational Silver Lady motif to add his initials as a final confirmation of his commitment to the quality of the car. In much the same way, your Richwood craftsman will put his mark of quality on the fitted furniture he creates for you. This is a measure of the enormous pride that we take in the planning, constructing and fitting of every item of customised fitted furniture that we build.

The entire ethos of Richwood Interiors is firmly established around a guarantee that the build quality of your bespoke furniture will meet your highest expectations. You are assured that the level of workmanship; fit; and finish of your customised bedroom, lounge, kitchen or bathroom furniture will be as faultless as you expected it to be.

It concerns me when I hear of unsuspecting customers who have been subjected to the unprofessional tactics of a few rogue companies that have infiltrated the fitted furniture industry. Unscrupulous operators overcharge for substandard work and employ salesman who work on commission and use high pressure tactics to force customers to place an order.

I should assure you that at Richwood we view any kind of pressure as alien and abhorrent to our convictions. By inviting us to share your vision of how you want your perfect fitted bedroom, bathroom or living room to look - we regard this as an honour. A visit will be friendly, informal and in an advisory capacity that will - with your permission - allow us the opportunity to progress towards custom designing your ideal room. You have my personal guarantee that you will never be expected to agree to anything you are not completely happy with.

Because creating fitted furniture is such a personal undertaking - we want to feel you are as comfortable working with us as we are working with you."

Please call us or email using our response form to arrange a free design consultation on 01908 678 868

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