Bespoke Fitted Interiors will create unique bespoke fitted furniture for your living room that matches your lifestyle and aspirations

White painted living room with integrated TV and audio components and upholstered seating. A living room by any other name! Formerly it was known as the parlour; before this the morning room and at various times since as the sitting room, drawing room - or simply the front room. Today more often than not the room where we relax will be referred to as the living room, family room or lounge. Call it what you may - but essentially it is a living room; a comfortable room where you will spend most of your awake hours at home socialising, reading, listening to music, watching TV or simply to relax."Isn't having a beautiful living room or lounge where you can unwind something you have always fantasised about?"
Well ... dream no more because Richwood Interiors can turn your fantasy into reality

What would be Your Impression of How You Would Like Your Ideal Fitted Living Room to Look?

White painted living room with coloured shelves. upholstered seating and built-in speakers. Would your lounge be somewhere ultra-comfortable, with lavish deep rugs and sofas that you can slump into? Perhaps your vision is of a living room is of something a more minimalist - a living room, with clean simplistic furniture - or like the majority of homeowners - your vision is of a well-balanced living room that is comfortable yet practical - a family room to enjoy with your loved ones and friends.
Richwood can provide all - or any of this - by creating a stunning bespoke fitted living room that is not only fully functional but will also make better use of your available space.

If You Are Thinking About Replacing Your Lounge Furniture - Now is Probably the Right Time to Consider the Benefits of a Richwood Interior Fitted Living Room

White painted living room display unit with glass shelves. Because we tend to spend so much time in our living rooms, everything tends to take a bit of hammering and often sofas, chairs and soft furnishings need to be replaced perhaps more frequently than we may like. If this strikes a chord, then you this is as an opportunity to have your living room re-designed to create an entirely unique and exciting customised fitted look for your lounge for you and your family to enjoy.

Richwood specialises in designing and fitting living room spaces that will fulfil your dreams. By skilfully combining either new or your existing furniture into a unique design, we can build you a fitted living room that will be the envy of your friends.

Craftsman Built Fitted Living Room Furniture Offers the Refined Look and Practicalities of Natural Wood

You have the opportunity to choose from an exciting range of door and fascia designs that our craftsman will skilfully build into lounge wall units and storage spaces of unrivalled beauty. We use the finest natural woods; seasoned ash, oak, cherry, maple, beech and pine; as well as quality wood veneers, glass and other materials to bring life into your home.

Richwood will Supply and Install Everything from Beautifully Crafted Hand-Crafted Fitted Furniture to Plasma Walls and Complete Home Cinemas

We will provide and install everything to make your stunning living room or television lounge stunning from installing exciting fitted wall units and cupboards through to building a bespoke partial or comprehensive home cinema systems featuring Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and other major brands.

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