Exclusive Fitted Furniture

Designed Home Cinema Interiors Richwood Interiors are specialist designers and creators of high quality, yet affordable bespoke fitted furniture using the finest natural seasoned woods and other materials. After creating an original design specifically to suit your individual needs and preferences we will transform any room in your home by installing stunning made-to measure fitted furniture that will perfectly match the

Stunning Fitted Furniture to Match Your Specific Requirements

Solid oak living room and home cinema with steps up to fully equipped bar. Integrated storage units below for AV units and sub woofer. Each fitted room is a unique made-to-measure creation that will be constructed using our stunning door designs, which are available in an almost limitless choice of style, colour and finish that includes solid and veneered wood, painted finishes and vinyl.

No room is too large or too small. We will create unique hand-crafted fitted bedrooms, fitted bathrooms, fitted lounges, fitted studies, fitted home offices; media walls and fully equipped fitted home cinemas.

Wall nut living room and home cinema. Creating your Perfect Home is Governed Only by Your Imagination

Our designs for made-to-measure fitted interiors are only governed by your imagination. Explain your aspirations to us and we will design the perfect fitted bedroom, bathroom or lounge to bring your dream to reality.
You will find many superb examples of work we have carried out on this website which we hope you find both absorbing and informative.

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